Should the majority of buyers request, in order to prevent the occurrence of connector off.All the products are upgraded to galvanized connector to ensure quality and never fall off.
Buy one get eight free, 70 manganese steel 3.0mm steel wire 16mmX3 meters, a frame 4 total 12 meters spring.It can be used in electric type 75, type 80, type 100, type 150, type 180 dredge machine, ordinary hand electric drill, [6 kinds of drill bits + hand electric drill connector + key + glove].

The choice of spring needs to consider the material, work form, use, whether standard parts, samples or spot, shape and other factors, such as the material has stainless steel wire, copper wire, brass wire, phosphor bronze wire, beryllium copper wire;Hardware, electrical appliances, molds, toys, plastic and so on;The working forms are compression, stretching, torsion and so on.

How does the pipe dredge spring enter the s-bend pipe
After the machine is started, one hand will close and the other hand will be put on gloves and coated with detergent (lubrication). The spring will be sent to the inside. If the spring is too thick, it will not go out.You again see you that pipe how to have S bend, general pipe is at most like a hello water storage bend.

The connecting head of the electric drill is used for connecting with the pipe dredging soft shaft. It is composed of a connecting column, a pin shaft, a spring, a positioning screw, a fastening screw and an anti-reversing screw. A clamping slot is arranged at one end of the connecting column and a connecting internal thread is arranged at the other end of the connecting column.The axial hole of the connecting column is provided with a pin shaft, a spring, a locating screw and an anti-reversing screw.The pin shaft is matched with one end of the axial hole of the connecting column and is connected through a step limit in the axial hole;The locating screw is matched with the thread in the axial hole of the connecting column, and the pin shaft is compressed by a spring.One end of the anti-reversal screw is matched with the axial threaded hole of the electric drill output shaft, and the other end is provided with a positioning slot.The fastening screw is fixed through the radial threaded hole of the connecting column in conjunction with the positioning slot on the anti-reversal screw.The structure of the utility model is simple, easy to install, easy to disassemble and convenient for standardized production.Sectional Machines Cables

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