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ChariotTech Rear projection film is a kind of projection screen which mainly used for shopping window display. It has different colors which can be used for different application.
It is normally packed as roll. The width of rear projection film is 1.52m as default, and the length is available in range of 1m-30.5m. Custom shapes and sizes are also available and pieces can be simply joined to create large format displays. ChariotTech rear projection film has a self-adhesive layer(peel and stick)making it easy to apply to glass or Acrylic. ChariotTech rear projection film is also used as an interactive touch foil ideal for Digital Signage.
There are five kinds of films we can offer to customer:
Simply paste rear projection film on the backside of glass, the galss will show a attractive projection image
TESTITEMUnitTransparentDark GrayGrayWhiteBlack
Film widthmm15241524152415241524
View angle掳150120120150150
Adhesive-Windows or AcrylicWindows or AcrylicWindows or AcrylicWindows or AcrylicWindows or Acrylic
How to choose Rear projection film?
Transparent: Clear transparent rear projection film can have a holographic effect in dark environment. People can see things through the film
Gray/white: Gary/white film can be used normal light environment. But people cannot see things through the film.
Dark gray/Black: Dark gray/Black film has a high contrast then gray one. So they can be used on the strong light environment. Also people cannot see things through the film.
Feedback from Customer:
鈥淭he transparent film makes my booth special.The amazing effect attract a lot of people鈥檚 attention.It is good for display鈥?-------Rajeesh from India
鈥淚t has been a good experience working with ChariotTech. They help us make a successful presentation. And we are looking forward to a continued relationship in the future鈥?------Sarra Malaysia
- Bank
- Shopping store
- Event
- Hotel lobbyRear Projection Film in stock

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