Installation locationGround
Installation foundationGround Screw
Installation angleUp to request
Wind load60m/s (216kmh/133mph)
Snow load1.4KN/m虏
Distance from module lowest point to the groundUp to request
Applicable module typeMono-crystalline, Poly-crystalline, Double wave and Thin film
Module OrientationHorizontal, Vertical
Design standardAS/NZS1170,JIS C 8955-2017
Bracket materialAL6005-T5(Anodized Oxidation)
Fastener MaterialStainless steel SUS304
Warranty&Duration10 years&More than 20 years
Product Details
- Significant savings by pre-assembled components;
- Robust enough for high wind speed and snow loads;
- Corrosion resistant and light-weight ensured by Aluminum structure.
Ground screw system installed
It is a convenient solution designed for ground mount installations, from commercial to utility level. It can be adapted to different local conditions, the design is carried out by experienced engineers, this is important as high loads caused by wind and snow.
Depending on the project input, the system is connected to the ground using ground screw, and variable inclination and height makes plant design flexible.
Our team
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Q1: How far is your factory from the airport and train station?
A: From the airport about 30 minutes by car ,and from train station about 20 minutes.We can pick you up.
Q2: Do you have after-sale service?
A : Yes, good after-sale service, handing the customer complaint and solve problem for customers.Ground Solar Structure

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