FunctionUsed for floor pipe embedded
Product Application
PVC embedded sleeves will be used when decorating in the house. Generally, the water pipes in our house need to use PVC embedded sleeves for wholesale corners. PVC embedded sleeve is the kind of white plastic pipe, but there will be a difference, because this is the connection of the water supply pipe, but it is long buried in the ground, if it is not refurbished, it will rarely be replaced, so we Pay more attention when installing.
Our Factory
Huacai plastic is a manufacturer of PVC pipe fittings integrating production, R & D and sales.The products are sold all over the world, take the quality as the foundation, the price is low, and good at service, receives the industry high praise.
Production Process
1. What should we pay attention to when installing PVC pipe?
When installing and installing PVC pipes, pay attention to handling and installation of pipes, and avoid touching sharp objects to prevent damage to the pipes. During the pipeline installation, organic contaminants such as paint should be prevented from coming into contact with pipes and fittings. The opening where the installation is interrupted or completed must be temporarily closed to prevent debris from entering. The water supply pipeline system should be flushed with water before acceptance. The flow rate of the flushing water should be greater than 2m/s. When flushing, no dead corners should be left. The faucet of each water distribution point should be opened. The lowest point of the system should be equipped with a water outlet. After the domestic drinking water system is flushed, the pipeline should also be filled with 20-30 mg/l of free chlorine for disinfection. Chlorinated water should stay in the pipe for more than 24h. After the pipeline is disinfected, it is rinsed with drinking water, and tested by the health management department. The water quality meets the current national standard "Sanitary Standards for Drinking Water" before it can be delivered for use. Within 30 minutes, allow two pressure increases to the specified test pressure.PVC Drainage Pipe manufacturers

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